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How often havent you had problems importing data to your accounting system or from one system to another?

Smart File Export Add-In to Microsoft Office Excel 2007 will help you get around some of those export/import problems. The Smart File Export will convert a number of special language characters and can ensure that dates have the correct format.

Functionality specifications for the current version are:

  • File separators available:
  • Comma, Semicolon

  • Characters converted between ANSI and ASCII are:
  • [space]

  • Decimal character comma is converted to period.

  • Date formats available:
  • dd-mm-yyyy, dd-mm-yy, yyyy-mm-dd, yy-mm-dd

  • Date separators available:
  • Hyphen, Slash, Backslash and Period


  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007

    Prerequisites (will autoinstall if not on your pc already)
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office system 3.0 Runtime


Close Excel. Unzip the zip-file and run "Setup.exe" and the installer will take care of installing the prerequsites as described and of cause the Excel add-in itself.

When you have installed the add-in it will be available when you starts Excel.


When first your got the Smart File Export installed you never want to let go, but it is however possible to uninstall it! Well, you can remove this add-in like any other program through Windows' "Control Panel" -> "Add or Remove Programs"

Version history

2008-10-01 Version 1.0 Released
2008-08-15 Version 1.0 Final test state
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